Greenways Conservation Team

We usually meet up twice per month for whatever ecological activities are on-the-go, such as invasive species management, planting trees, installing and mapping habitat features (like bird houses). We send an email call-out a week or so in advance with details, and we bring all the tools and supplies. No specific commitment or skills necessary, come whenever you can make it. The Conservation Team meets a couple times a month at a variety of times and days of the week to try to accommodate as many volunteers’ schedules as we can.

School Group Volunteers

We help out school groups in their outdoor ecological learning. Projects are similar to the conservation team, but geared for a younger audience (various ages from toddlers to high school), and volunteers are helping to facilitate rather than focused on the task itself. Can come observe/try it out for a couple sessions, and then volunteers require a criminal record check (available for free). Requires availability during school hours.


Look after a creek in your area! There are currently streamkeeping groups operating on 5 creeks in Campbell River: Woods, Willow, Simms, Nunns and Kingfisher Creek. Your level of commitment is up to you, whether you are just interested in attending pre-organized creek cleanups, doing creek walks to monitor fish presence, or spearheading a riparian restoration project. Greenways can loan resources like the streamkeeper’s handbook: a practical guide to stream and wetland care, hip waders for creek walks, and water quality instruments.


Adopt-a-trailers maintain a trail of their choosing in the Beaver Lodge Lands, brushing the trails and keeping an eye out for downed trees, flooding, and erosion.

Other Volunteer 

Check out our monthly email newsletter to find out about other volunteer opportunities. Sometimes things come up around Streamkeeping, special events, other programs, or single stewardship days on the weekends (like TD Tree Days and the Broom Bash). Or, if you’ve got a specific way you’d like to contribute, or a certain skill to share (like photography, videography), please feel free to let us know and we can figure out the best fit for you.

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