GREENWAYS | When did you start working with Greenways Land Trust?

TOM | I first became aware of Greenways through the Beaver Lodge Trust Committee in 2006, but I think I started getting involved with the organization around 2010 or so doing some chainsaw work for a few riparian restoration projects, as well as some tree planting and the annual broom bashing. I became a director for Greenways in 2014, and have been involved with the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands Adopt-a-trail Program since its inception in 2013.

GREENWAYS | How do you primarily spend your time when you are not volunteering for Greenways?

TOM | Riding bikes on trails, hiking on trails, running on trails, doing trailwork in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands or Elk Falls Provincial Park, or puttering in the veggie garden.


GREENWAYS | What do you think is Greenways’ biggest success that you have been a part of?

TOM | Seeing the growing number of folks interested in trail maintenance and coming out to trail workshops through the Adopt-a-trail program in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands has been pretty amazing.


GREENWAYS | How would you describe the CR community regarding volunteer engagement?

TOM | Campbell River has lots of special features close to town, the ocean, rivers, trails, forests, and for every special ecosystem there is a group in town that is passionate about protecting that environment.


GREENWAYS | Which is your favorite CR greenway and why?

TOM | The Greenways Loop is fantastic as it connects ocean to forest while providing a practical option for non-motorized transportation around Campbell River.


GREENWAYS | If you had a magic ball that would let you see ten years into the future, how would CR and its greenways have improved?

Campbell River would have more well-maintained trails connecting people with the natural environment in a healthy and sustainable manner.


GREENWAYS | What rewards do you receive from volunteering?

TOM | It’s rewarding to see the improvements to a trail after a day of trail work, and even more rewarding to come back on a ride or run and enjoy the improved user experience that a few trail improvements can provide.


GREENWAYS | Is there anything else you would like to share as a final thought?

TOM | If you like using the trails around Campbell River, please come out to a trail day with the Greenways Land Trust (or the River City Cycle Club) and give a little back to the trails, as almost all of the trails around town are maintained by volunteers.


WATCH Tom in action – sharing drainage tips and tricks at a workshop with Greenways’ ADOPT-A-TRAIL volunteers.

Please click HERE to watch the video.

[Tom on the left, sharing his expertise @ our DRAINAGE WORKSHOP in early 2018 in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands]

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