They are our heroes – enthusiastic about nature conservation, hands-on and … most of them really, really do not want to be in any kind of a spotlight. They prefer to keep on doing what they are doing. Best reasons for us to shine a little “thank you” spotlight on some of them in our VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT interview series. This is our platform for applause – THANK YOU to all of our awesome volunteers!

The stories our interviewees tell and the background they have are on the one hand as diverse as they could be. But on the other hand they have so much in common: They love to give back to the community, appreciate the value of our local environment and want to help conserving it. Greenways is what our volunteers give!

We were lucky to have Eiko Jones Photography on board for a couple of mini photo sessions. Our images capture the volunteers in their happy place, be it a community garden, a forest or a stream.


Interview No.1 _ SANDRA MILLIGAN
[Greenways’ President & biology teacher at North Island College]



Interview No.2 _ RICK BUCHANAN
[Streamkeeper & multitasker]



Interview No.3 _ SHERRILL STONE
[Garden enthusiast & community engagement superwoman]



Interview No.4 _ ANN HAZLETT
[Food security & garden queen]



[Adopt-A-Trail super volunteer & sociable scientist]



Interview No.6 _ DAVE CUNNINGS
[Stream to Tree volunteer & contractor]



Interview No.7 _ TOM PORSBORG
[Trail maintenance wizard & drainage expert]




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