Volunteer streamkeepers actively steward many of Campbell River’s urban creeks. From conducting basic maintenance to surveying fish populations, their work helps to maintain the health of our watersheds. Greenways acts as a facilitator for streamkeepers: liaising between groups, with City staff, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Greenways also assists in organizing workshops, carrying out stream restoration projects and providing resources such as specialist equipment and access to our documents library.

Throughout the year Greenways offers a free, two-day streamkeeping course through the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (endorsed by DFO), which is an asset for anyone interested in stream stewardship.

Our local DFO Community Advisor also hosts a Stewardship Council for local streamkeepers to meet monthly and discuss upcoming changes in fisheries policy, pool resources and discuss upcoming projects.

Please view our “Good Creek Neighbour Guide” brochure here!


HIGHLIGHTS 2021/2022

  • Garbage cleanup from riparian areas around Simms Creek (400+lbs.)
  • Revegetation of the Thunderdome in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands
  • Ran both the spring and fall enumeration fence on Simms Creek to count Coho
  • Coho fry releases in Simms Creek
  • Revegetation and invasive species removal around various riparian spaces in the Campbell River area
  • Installed new signage encouraging creek stewardship at three locations; at Willow Creek Estuary, on the Kingfisher Haig-Brown Loop Trail, and near the Bike Path crossing over Simms Creek.
  • In partnership with the Nunns Creek Streamkeepers, we installed a new footbridge over a tributary to Nunns Creek to reduce foot-traffic and off-road vehicle traffic through the creek bed.



  • Continue to support the Streamkeepers groups in Campbell River
  • Researching fish fence cameras to allow us to collect the same data but with less interference on fish migration


If you would like to get involved with Streamkeeping or attend monthly Streamkeeper meetings, please email for more information!



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