Campbell River Fruit Tree Project

The Fruit Tree Project is a gleaning program that connects fruit tree owners who don’t have the time, or are not able to, harvest their trees with a group of volunteer harvesters. The harvest is then split between the owner, volunteers, and partner organizations in our community who distribute the fruit to those who need it.

Greenways launched the Campbell River Fruit Tree Project as a pilot campaign in the summer of 2019 as a division of our work in local food security.

This is a great project for those with fruit trees, as well as those who want to contribute to the accessibility of healthy food for themselves, and people in their community. In addition to decreasing food waste, the project means less fruit on the ground that could attract bears and wasps.

If you or someone you know has too much fruit, is unable to pick their fruit, or would like to help us harvest, click the related link(s) below:

Click here to volunteer your fruit trees

Click here to be a volunteer fruit picker

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