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Invasive Species

At Greenways, a lot of our work is tied to invasive species. It is inherent in all of our site maintenance and restoration work, and is also central to some projects, such as the Knotweed Treatment Program we run in partnership with the City of Campbell River.

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Baikie Island and Campbell River Estuary

Greenways is responsible for doing maintenance and restoration work on a number of sites around Campbell River. Important environmentally, they are also significant to the community at large. Over the last half of a century, the estuary has gone through significant change. Together with various organizations and its fantastic volunteers, Greenways is working on the on-going restoration.

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School Programs

What better way to learn about environmental gems & issues than tackling them hands on? At Greenways, we support environmental education in the public school curriculum. Our school programs allow students to connect with course material in a meaningful way – and connect with their environment.

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Food Security

One of the biggest ways in which people connect with the environment is through food. Unfortunately, many of our current systems leave people without secure access to food that is both healthy and affordable. Greenways is working in collaboration with local organizations to increase food security for residents of the Strathcona Regional District.

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Beaver Lodge Forest Lands

Greenways’ Adopt-A-Trail program in the Beaver Lodge Lands allows community members to actively participate in the stewardship of their local resources. Volunteers become responsible for maintaining their chosen trail over the course of a year (or more!), and are equipped with tools necessary for the job.

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Volunteer streamkeepers actively steward many of Campbell River’s urban creeks. From conducting basic maintenance to surveying fish populations, their work helps to maintain the health of our watersheds. Greenways acts as a facilitator for streamkeepers: liaising between groups, with City staff, and with DFO, and providing resources.

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