At Greenways, a lot of our work is tied to invasive species. It is inherent in all of our site maintenance and restoration work, and is also central to some projects, such as the Knotweed Treatment Program we run in partnership with the City of Campbell River.

What are invasive species? Invasives species do not naturally occur in a specific area and their introduction has been known to cause economic or environmental harm. Invasive species have the ability to reproduce and spread quickly, which can make them difficult to kill or remove. These species spread rigorously, while often making it difficult for indigenous species to thrive in the same area.

The “Top 5 Invasive Species in and around Campbell River” summarized by our President, Sandra Milligan, in a brief video. Watch here.

Greenways in the NEWS

Campbell River Mirror [May 1, 2017]: “Invasive plants wreacking havoc on Campbell River environment”

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