Virtual Gardening Workshops

  w/ Elaine Codling



Greenways is inviting gardeners to Zoom in to learn more about edible landscaping, permaculture and winter planting. Each of the sessions is a one hour presentation followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Questions can be send to [email protected] in advance.

Due to the current pandemic Greenways is working hard on investing more staff and funding resources in Food Security projects. All gifts will be used to support Greenways’ efforts to make local organically grown food accessible for our community. Donate securely via CanadaHelps.

Two sessions -> $25 One session -> $15

THE INSTRUCTOR | Elaine Codling is a Permaculture Design Consultant and teacher with training in both Canada and Australia. She has been gardening organically for nearly 30 years. Elaine has had a lifelong interest in self sufficiency, food security, community development, and restoration of natural systems. Working with Elaine will change the way you look at every rock, tree, shrub, weed and blossom and see the potential through a new mindset.


SCHEDULE & TIME | 6.30 pm until 8 pm

1/5 _ Tue, May 5 – Starting a New Garden | PRESENTATION [PDF] | RECORDING (missing slides 1-8 of presentation, our apologies) [MP4]
2/5 _ Tue, May 12 – Love Your Soil | PRESENTATION [PDF] | RECORDING [MP4]
3/5 _ Tue, May 26 – Edible Landscaping | PRESENTATION [PDF] | RECORDING [MP4]
4/5 _ Wed, June 10 – Urban Permaculture | FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK
5/5 _ Tue, June 23 – Planning a Winter Harvest



JUNE 10 _ Urban Permaculture Gardens:  Absolute abundance in small spaces

Permaculture design can increase the productivity of your garden, providing beauty, abundance, and the leisure to enjoy it. Permaculture takes a systems approach to garden planning, building soil fertility, and generating year-around harvests. Small plot intensive techniques, such as keyhole beds, companion planting, and succession planting maximize yields and reduce labour.

Permaculture design works with nature; imitating natural patterns to create systems that  meet our needs while promoting the health of the entire ecosystem. This brief introduction will outline the ethics, goals, design priorities, and decision. Zoom link will be shared here before the session.


JUNE 23 _ Planning a Winter Harvest

Planting for winter harvest starts in July. This class will guide you through the planting calendar for winter and spring harvest. Best varieties for overwintering, mulching weather protection, where and how much to grow to ensure great winter eats will all be covered. Zoom link will be shared here before the session.

We are looking forward to setting our first step into the digital world of knowledge sharing & we can’t wait to connect with you on our screen ♥



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