Greenways Land Trust is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The role of our Board of Directors is to: 

  • Provide guidance to staff
  • Develop strategic planning
  • Donate professional expertise
  • Pursue funding partnerships
  • Facilitate partnerships
  • Represent GLT on committees

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 7 pm. Members are welcome to attended all meetings to learn more about Greenways. Feel free to call the office for more details.

Elections are held at our Annual General Meeting in March. To stand as a Board of Director, you have to be a current paid member and affiliated with the Greenways organization for the previous fiscal year.

Current Board 

Sandra Milligan – President
Chuck DeSorcy – Vice President
Katherine Dolmage – Treasurer
Laura Chessor – Secretary
Richard Hamilton – Director
Bob Dice – Director
Kim Toonders – Director
Bruce Izard – Director
Janis La Couvée – Director
Graham Hues – Director

Sandra Milligan (President)

Sandra Milligan teaches university Biology at North Island College covering all aspect of biology from biochemistry to ecology. She has a seamless life as a life-long learner; the lines between paid work, volunteer work, and just plain fun are not always very clear. Some of her projects have included:

  • Spearheading an organized approach to Invasive Plants in our area
  • Installation of directional signage in Beaver Lodge Lands
  • Leading intertidal walks and working towards a new Campbell River aquarium
  • Guiding history tours of Desolation Sound
  • Sharing her garden with students and residents

A common thread through her activities is a love for Campbell River’s nature and people and a desire to help move our city towards its full potential.

AWARD (most recent): Canada150 Honor Roll Award _ LAND TRUST ALLIANCE OF BC


Chuck DeSorcy (Vice President)

Chuck is one of the founding members of Greenways. He has a passion for the natural health of Willow Creek and Kingfisher Creek. Additionally, he actively engages school groups with outdoor education and invasive species removal projects. He greatly contributes to the organization. As an active Director of our Society, he continues to update his knowledge participation in streamkeeper and wetlandkeeper training and work.

AWARD (most recent): Canada150 Honor Roll Award _ LAND TRUST ALLIANCE OF BC

Katherine Dolmage (Treasurer)

Katherine was raised in Campbell River, but left after graduation to pursue a higher education. The draw of the ocean and a job opportunity helping advance sustainable salmon farming practices recently brought her back to town. She is keen to be involved with wetlands and streamkeeper work.

Laura Chessor (Secretary) 

Laura Chessor is a Registered Professional Forester working with BC Timber Sales who joined the Greenways board as a director in 2014. She has an interest in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands.

Richard Hamilton (Director) 

Richard’s interest in conservation began as a Boy Scout in southern Illinois.  His big concerns then were topsoil erosion and reforestation of “waste areas,” i.e. the remains of strip mines.  Also, at that time, he tried to encourage farmers to plant hedgerows instead of fencing and to leave grassy margins between their fields and pastures: greenspace, habitat, and water quality. He is a past president of Greenways and has been serving as Secretary and Treasurer prior to the current directors on duty, Laura Chessor and Katherine Dolmage.

Bob Dice (Director/Past President) 

Bob is a retired forestry engineering technician and is proud to have been a member of the Greenways Board for nearly twenty years. He has participated in various roles, including that of Greenways’ President.

Bob is passionate about creating sustainable communities and believes the enhancement of our local streams is a key indicator on how we are doing in that regard. He is also passionate about creating a sense community through volunteerism. Roads are for cars, trails are for people. Walking, running and cycling on nature trails can shift us into ‘slow time’ – a time for quiet reflection or for conversations of real depth. The care of our streams and trails through Greenways initiatives has provided Bob with meaningful ways to express his commitment, for that he is grateful to the organization and to its amazing Board, staff and volunteers.


Kim Toonders (Director)

Kim started working with Greenways in 2014 through the Strathcona Food Network, and was inspired to get more involved after observing the commitment and passion the organization has for environmental education and preservation. Kim is a Registered Dietitian with the Public Health program of Island Health.  She loves to hike and bike ride, and feels most happy when outdoors connected to nature.


Janis La Couvée (Director)

Born on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Janis moved to Campbell River, in part, because of Greenways (the Greenways Loop and Beaver Lodge Forest Lands).  She is eager to shuck the suits of her professional career for gumboots and raingear, and brings a lifetime commitment to community volunteering, from hotdog sales to board governance.  She is a member of the Greenways Conservation Team, and assists with Junior Streamkeepers and school groups. 









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