Nature & Nutrition Seniors' Program

* N E W * Greenways program for seniors (55+) who are interested in boosting their healthy lifestyle with these three amazing ‘extras’:

1 |   The Good Food Box is full of all sorts of fruits and veggies to boost your nutrition. Participants will be eligible for a box at a subsidized rate upon request.

2 |   Healthy Pantry Staples: In addition to the Good Food Box, participants can choose from a list of healthy pantry staples that will give those Good Food Box veggies some good company in a well balanced meal.

3 |   Interpretive Nature Walks: Campbell River boasts some of the best outdoor experiences to be found. We will explore nature with knowledgeable guides and each other to discover the wonder that is right under our noses, while meeting some new people along the way.

L E A R N    M O R E    A B O U T    T H E    P R O G R A M

It’s a win win! The 12-week program with limited spaces is designed to offer positive health changes from a boost in nutritious food and physical activity in a social, nature-based setting. Every two weeks the participants will be invited to join an interpretive nature walk and they will be able to pick up their Good Food Box with fresh produce. Boxes are available at a subsidized rate upon request. On top of this everyone who signs up will also receive approximately $100 worth of pantry staples. Beneficiaries aren’t only those who participate but there’s a benefit for health research too: Program participants will be part of a Vancouver Island-wide health research study. There will an informed consent document and both pre-program and post-program surveys for participants to complete either in writing or orally.
Sign up by emailing Callie Bouchard at If we caught your interest but you are seeing barriers that keep you from joining the program, please contact us to discuss solutions.

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