Beaver Lodge Forest Lands

Greenways’ Adopt-A-Trail Program in the Beaver Lodge Lands allows community members to actively participate in the stewardship of their local resources. Volunteers become responsible for maintaining their chosen trail over the course of a year (or more!) and are equipped with tools necessary for the job.
Greenways also maintains a presence on the board of the Beaver Lodge Trust Society

HIGHLIGHTS 2021/2022

  • 26/27 trails are now adopted !
  • 4 new adoptions in 2021/2022 with 95 volunteers in total
  • Penfield’s teachers Ms. Badger and Ms. Sheilles have been taking care of the Rail Trail (Hilchey-Rockland) with their Grade 1-2 split classes
  • Improvements to the Rail Trail bridge with the help of the Rotarians and the Ministry
  • Support of the Beaver Lodge Trust Society via sitting on their board



  • Assign additional adopters to trails that need support
  • Assign the last unadopted trail to a trail adoptee
  • Coordinate with trail maintenance enthusiasts to offer training opportunities for volunteers to build skills and community


Learn more about Greenways’ role in maintaining the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands and the history of the experimental forest in this fantastic video, “Battle of the Beaver Lodge Lands – Gift and Compromise” [published by the Museum at Campbell River and ShawTV NorthIsland].

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