Junior Streamkeepers


What’s new with our Junior Streamkeeper Program? 

So much fun in and around our local streams: More than a dozen school group outings have taken place, doing all sorts of work from invasive removal, planting native species, to interpretive nature walks!

The kids have planted 117 native plants in four locations (restoration sites, rain gardens, detention ponds, and native plant gardens), and have been learning a lot about the interactive relationships between the forest and freshwater salmon habitat. Our 2nd and McPhedran EcoAction site had almost 1,000lbs of invasive blackberry removed by Carihi students before they replanted the space with native species.Sandowne Elementary students did a great job planting in the previously degraded habitat beside Simms Creek along the Sandowne Trail, and Penfield Elementary students have been hard at work at the Penfield Detention Pond, removing invasives and planting native trees and wildflowers donated by the city. We have been lucky enough this year to do a number of interpretive walks with school groups including those focused on the ecological history of areas in Campbell River, as well as bird and insect adaptations. T H A N K    Y O U

Huge thanks to our Funder, Environment and Climate Change Canada and supporting partners, including the City of Campbell River and all the glorious teachers, kids, and volunteers we are so lucky to work with.

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