Community Outreach

Greenways Land Trust organizes, participates, and supports many public events throughout the year. These events are important to us to share what we do, why we care and help to connect like-minded people.

Adopt a Trail

We want to increase awareness, usage, and appreciation of the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands trail network. To encourage this we have started an Adopt a Trail Program


GLT supports numerous training and workshop options for streamkeepers and the general public. Focusing on greenspace enhancement such as invasive plant management and Pacific Streamkeepers Federation's volunteer streamkeeper certification.                

Public Events

GLT organizes and helps with numerous community events to promote the work of volunteer community projects to support fish habitat and green space. Check out our Annual Report for more details.

Annual GLT Events

Throughout the year GLT tackles various annual events. The broom bash is an annual event that encourages people to come out to cut and pull the invasive species Scotch Broom. By removing Broom we can help keep our green spaces full of native plants and animals. This event is very popular and through this event we can raise awareness about invasive species. See our events calendar for this event and others!

Community Support

In order to represent the community interests GLT actively participates in community processes such as the city’s development and planning committees and the Sustainable Official Community Plan. GLT also are affiliated members of local streamkeeper and stewardship groups. Please see our Supporters for more information.


Greenways Land Trust

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